EW1052 Download Drivers, Software

Windows 10/11 Drivers

There is no driver installation necessary, the native Windows-driver will be installed automatically for the hardware. Proceed to "eID Software" downbelow.

Mac OS Drivers

In general, there is no driver installation needed for the Card Reader on your Mac as well, the hardware  will be automatically installed by the native Apple drivers.

Important is, that at least the latest Java software version is installed on your Mac, for use of your applications (Government/Bank). When needed, you can install the driver for Mac OS via the link downbelow.

Mac OS Drivers: EW1052_Mac_OS_10.5_upto_14.x.x

Download the recent Java version: Java 8 Update_MacOS 10 upto 14.x.x.zip

Apple decided to remove Java out of their OS. Install the latest Java version for Mac OS in the link above.

Instructions: https://www.java.com/download/help/mac_install.xml

eID Software

Next to installing the drivers and Java, you'll need additional software from your Government/Bank.

For Belgium you can go to the website below to download the EID software.


In case that you have questions about the use of this software, please use the link below.


Mac OS Drivers 10.8 upto 10.9: EW1052_Mac_OS_10.8_upto_10.9_Realtek_Chip.zip

As of Mac OS version 10.15.7, the drivers for the Realtek Chip Card Reader, among others, are already integrated into the Mac operating system; the card reader is automatically installed by Apple's integrated drivers (no driver installation required). Download the drivers in the link above, when you have Mac OS version 10.8.

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