EW3164 Not being able to pair my Bluetooth Keyboard in Windows 10, the OS is asking for a passcode

In some cases, Windows may not generate an access code, even though the operating system is responsible for generating an access code. Finally, a keyboard allows one to control the entire computer, unlike, say, a Bluetooth headset.

Below, 2 methods to successfully pair a Bluetooth keyboard in Microsoft Windows10.

Method 1:

Click on the icon below, to download a Shortcut to take you straight to "Control Panel Components\Devices and Printers" for adding a device ("Add a Device"). 

Control_Panel_Shortcut.png ←click me!

It is important that the Shortcut is placed on the Desktop and executed from the Desktop. In any other case, you may still encounter the problem mentioned above. 


Copy the Shortcut towards the Desktop, as shown in the image above and double click on it (from within the Desktop). The window below will open (make sure the keyboard is on), now press the connect button at the bottom of the keyboard for half a second and click on "Add a device".


Select the Bluetooth keyboard as shown in the figure below.


Click on "Next."


Enter the above access code on the keyboard, followed by the Enter key. The Bluetooth keyboard, is now successfully connected.

Method 2:

It is also possible that the Microsoft operating system does not generate a code but comes up with a blue link under an empty field that one must click, to still generate an access code. Below is an example image of this.


The window below will eventually be displayed after all, after clicking on the text "Or try entering a passcode on it.".


Enter this code on the keyboard followed by the Enter key. The Bluetooth keyboard, also now is successfully connected.

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