EW3707 Using the ShowBiz DVD software

The ShowBiz DVD software enables you to convert video images from, for instance, your camera or video recorder to several types of media files. In this chapter we will explain how to transfer the video images to your computer. We will also explain the additional functions of the software.

Note! If you need more help with the different settings you can press the F1 key. A new screen will appear, covering all the possible settings of the software. You will also find more information on the other functions of the software.

During this chapter we will assume you have a VCR connected to your computer using the EW3707 and Windows 10.

Recording images

Double click the icon ‘Arcsoft Showbiz”.


The main menu of the software will appear.


Click the ‘Capture’ option at the top of the menu. The following screen will appear.


Click ‘Device Settings’ and tab ‘Video Decoder’.


Make sure the correct region is chosen at ‘Video Standard’. For Europe, you need to select ‘PAL’ (B or G

Click ‘OK’.


At ‘Save to’ you can select the location or hard disk you want to save the video files to. Using the ‘Folder’ icon, you can browse to the desired location.

Make sure the selected location or disk has sufficient free disk space. Recording video material requires a lot of free disk space.

Press the ‘Play’ button on the VCR. At the right side you will see a small screen which shows a preview of the played video.

Search for the starting point of the video you want to record.

Note! If you connect certain devices to the EW3707 (for instance a DV camera) a number of buttons will appear (e.g. play, fast forward, rewind.) which allow to search. If these buttons do not appear, you can use the buttons on the device or its remote control.

Set the duration of the recording at ‘Capture Duration’.


Click the ‘Capture’ The recording will start.

The recording will stop after the set duration. To manually stop the recording, you need to press ‘Stop’.

Hint: In order to create a DVD after making a recording, you need to use the ‘Edit’ option at the top of the menu. Then you need to use the ‘Produce’ option at the top of the menu. The software will then show the correct steps.

Note: Ewent is not the manufacturer of the supplied software. Therefore, Ewent can not support the specific settings and functions of the software. If you are experiencing problems using the software, or you have questions regarding the Arcsoft software, you can use the ‘Help’ function of the software by pressing the ‘F1’ button on your keyboard. You can also refer to the Arcsoft website for support: www.arcsoft.com

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