EW7014 Cloning does not start / my hard drive is not cloned

The EW7014 is equipped with a cloning feature. With this feature you are able to make an exact copy of your hard drive from one disk to another without using your computer. To do so, insert a source and target HDD/SSD in the Dual Docking Station.


Please note!: The target HDD/SSD should have at least the same capacity as the source HDD/SSD or larger, otherwise the clone process cannot be executed.


Example of not working setup:

- Source hard drive has a capacity of 4TB

- Target hard drive has a capacity of 1TB


Example of proper working setup:

- Source hard drive has a capacity of 4TB

- Target hard drive has a capacity of 8TB


Note: When the EW7014 makes a clone of your source hard drive it means that it will made an "exact" copy of that hard drive. Keep in mind that if any data was already stored on the "target" hard drive it will be erased and replaced by all of the data from the source hard drive!.

This method is not the same as manually copying data. The new hard drive will contain the same partitions including stored data as the source hard drive.  

This could result in having unallocated space, when using a much larger target hard drive compared to the source hard drive. Below is an example.



Source hard drive has a capacity of 4TB, including 2 partitions of each 2TB. 

Target hard drive is a new 8TB hard drive.

After the cloning the 8TB hard drive will contain 2 partitions of each 2TB leaving 4TB as unallocated space. To make this space available for use, enter the disk manager settings in Windows, select the unallocated space from the 8TB hard drive and make a new volume. To help you with these settings please check the following FAQ link:





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