EW7040 What happens with my data if the enclosure is no longer working?

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When in case the EW7040 enclosure is no longer working, your data can still be accessed but only if installed in another EW7040. The configured PIN code is not stored on the EW7040 itself but on the HDD/SSD installed in the EW7040. Therefor you will still be able to access the data when the HDD/SSD is installed in another EW7040.


If installed in a different HDD/SSD enclosure your computer will not be able to access the HDD unless the HDD is formatted (all data is deleted).


  • Install the HDD/SSD from the defective EW7040 into another EW7040.

         Do NOT configure a new PIN like you did with the defective EW7040.

  • Enter the PIN you configured previously on the defective EW7040 and press “#”.
  • You will now have access again to your data.
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