EW7040 Automatic drive-lock after 4 minutes

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  • The EW7040 has an automatic drive-lock mechanism. The drive will be locked when there is no drive activity for longer than 4 minutes.

This drive-lock mechanism has been built into the EW7040 to prevent unauthorized access to the information on the drive when you leave your computer unattended.

That the EW7040 has an automatic drive-lock mechanism can also have a disadvantage. When you have a file open on the EW7040 and you are working with it, a temporary file will be kept in the  memory. When there is no drive activity within 4 minutes, the EW7040 will be locked and you can lose changed information in the file you are working in.

To avoid this from happening, the file has to be updated within 4 minutes. Some programs, like Word and Excel, have the possibility to activate an automatic save function. When you change the automatic save function to below 4 minutes then this prevents the EW7040 to go into automatic-lock, therefore changes will always be saved.

Note ! : automatic drive-lock mechanism cannot be changed or disabled.


  • Below there is an example how to change the auto save function in Excel.

Select “File” then “Options” next on “Save”.


In this menu you have to adjust the “Save AutoRecovery information every … minutes” to lower then 4 minutes. Also you have to change the “AutoRecover file location” to a path on the EW7040 drive.

Press “OK” close the screen.

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